Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's all about the Gamecocks, baby!

I wouldn’t say I’m a sports fanatic. But I have my teams, and I keep up with them. I have the ESPN app on my iPhone and check it almost daily. Baseball, NASCAR, football—and most recently, college football.

You see, moving from the North to the South is more than just a geographic change of location. It’s practically an entirely different lifestyle. Not that we didn’t have college football in New England—but we didn’t have college football there like they have it down here. And the first time I lived in the South, I learned two things: first, when in the South, do as Southerners do—and a big part of doing as they do is watching college football. (Which in South Carolina means you watch Clemson or USC.)

Second, I quickly learned that I just don’t take kindly to Clemson fans.

Therefore, I named myself a USC Gamecocks fan sometime back in 2007…and I never looked back.

Last year, I caught snippets of the game when USC beat Clemson over Thanksgiving weekend. This year, we made greasy Buffalo Chicken dip, brought out the Tostitos, had a few friends over and drank our fair share of beer while we watched the game...and of course, I used my outfit to show my Gamecocks spirit! (that, I've always been good at)

I'm happy--we WON! (And beat the pants off Clemson)
Please note that I am not one to wear shirts short enough so that you can see my bum...I know that looks to be the case in the picture above, but rest assured that when my arms were in a normal position my jersey covered what it needed to cover ;o) And also, yes, the way I'm standing makes the fit (or something) of these leggings look bad. But it is just the way I'm standing.

USC Gamecocks Jersey: Adidas, the biggest size from the boy's section of Kohl's
Black leggings: Yoga leggings from Victoria's Secret
Shoes: black faux patent leather ballet flats, Target
Headband: locally made, from a little gift shop in my city
Earrings: large black hoops, Forever 21

I owned everything else that I was wearing long before this particular game, but my headband was actually a special purchase made on Saturday. We were browsing downtown with some friends and it being game day, I couldn't pass it up!
And because it's pretty usual colors--a dark red, along with black and white--I already have other shirts lined up to wear it with. These are the best kind of purchases...I try not to buy accessories unless I can think of at least two different ways to wear them/outfits to match them with, off the top of my head.

(And yet somehow, I still have simply too many accessories. Not that I'm complaining.)
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