Sunday, November 21, 2010

Once Upon an Outfit...

The outfit pictured below is what made me decide that I needed another blog.

No, seriously! I got dressed last night and realized that I looked good. Maybe not gorgeous or hot or sexy, but I had on cute clothes and accessories and I was proud of myself for putting it all together. Take a look:
Yes, it's a silly pose.
Navy tank top: Sedona, from Kohl's
Striped navy and white 3/4 sleeve shirt: from Hamrick's
Jeans: Mossimo, from Target
Boots: from Baker's Shoes
Purse: from Target
Watch: Fossil brand
SC bottle cap necklace: from a booth at a local festival
Earrings: Dark gray metallic hoops, probably from Claire's

It's probably clear from the motley assortment listed above that I'm no fashion maven. But I do pride myself on once in a while putting together a cute outfit, and lately I've been inspired to try even harder to look presentable. No, more than presentable--to look good.

Also note that I am obviously not skinny. I'm fit, yes, but I haven't been skinny since I was about 16. That said, this journal will also be about keeping fit and healthy. Not dieting, not losing weight, but maintaining the status quo (which I'm quite happy with, by the way).

So there you have it...the beginning of this blog, in a nutshell. Maybe something more will someday come from it ;o)
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