Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's Entry, Brought to you by Alvin

Alvin & the Chipmunks, that is, because I've given new meaning to the word frump today. My work outfit consists of black faux patent leather ballet flats, black Express slacks that are again a size too big, and a red t-shirt with Alvin (yes, from Alvin & the Chipmunks) on it.

Today was my off day. I only wash my hair every other day at most to keep it from drying out, so no sweaty run--just a 3/4 mile walk with the dogs and about 20 minutes of yoga. Speaking of yoga, last week (or maybe the week before?) Groupon had a great deal on classes in my area and I hemmed and hawed over it too long. Silly me.

I've also over-eaten today. Not bad stuff, really, just too much food period. I don't know why but I've been starving all day long :-/

Speaking of food...I was originally going to do this challenge on my couple's blog, but the husband has been pitching a fit about it, because the first part of the challenge is to eat vegetarian for a week. As there have been mentions of some weeks involving fashion and whatnot, I figure this challenge probably doesn't fit on a couple's blog anyway and therefore here it is...
Hubs is just going to have to deal with vegetarian dinners for a week and he can eat whatever he wants for breakfast and lunch ::shrug:: And by vegetarian...there will still be milk, cheese, butter, etc. involved. I thought about trying to nix eggs but most of the recipes I have include those, so I'll just be going sans chicken, beef, fish, or pork for seven days. No biggie, really, and chances are that at certain points I've gone days in a row without eating meat anyway. Such as on my first Disney internship. There have to have been weeks where I lived off cereal, frozen cheese pizzas, grilled cheeses, bagels and ramen noodles. This time I'll be going a bit healthier than that, though ;o) Pin It

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