Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

When did birthdays start feeling like just regular old days? I mean, in high school when your birthday was on a weekday you got balloons from your friends and free dessert at lunch and they said "Happy Birthday" to you during the morning announcements. In college, so what if you had classes the next day? You were in college, you could just skip them! And it was college, so you likely lived in a college town, which meant that there was always something going on!

So yeah, I guess my last birthday that was both on a weekday and a big deal was the birthday I had the same month I graduated college (December '04). But the thing is...I don't much mind. We had a pub crawl on Saturday and tonight was perfectly fine with presents and beer and pizza :o) We watched a Gilmore Girls rerun and now I'm cuddling on the couch with Stitch (one of my cats) and Wendy (my best favorite puppy) and enjoying Sense & Sensibility (the 1995 version). Perfect night :o)

But of me misses those younger birthdays. Not for the age--I don't mind turning 28 at all--but for the excitement.

Although the presents are better, nowadays ;o) Especially as I usually buy myself something special too. So there's that! Pin It

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