Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am home sick from work today.

This is actually a very, very strange thing. I literally cannot recall the last time I called in sick from work. I think back in the fall of 2008 I took a half day because I was feeling too awful to get through a whole one. If that even counts as "calling in sick".

But today, I feel awful. I have the chills, I can't get warm, my throat is scratchy, my head aches, I'm so weak I don't want to eat or even stand up.I rarely get sick so this has simply floored me, and it doesn't help that I'm scheduled to travel to Las Vegas this weekend as a belated birthday trip :-/

So I'm trying to shock my body back into health. I left work early yesterday, came home, downed some NyQuil and slept for about three hours. I forced myself to eat dinner and walk my dogs, then my hubby and I peeled some clementines and juiced them and I had a true fresh glass of OJ. I followed this by lazing on the couch, drinking Sleepytime tea with honey, downing more NyQuil and going to bed at 10.

This morning, I slept until 9, had another glass of that OJ, walked my dogs and came home to drink some hot cocoa (as a little treat). I then forced about 20 minutes of yoga out of myself, lay down, watched part of a movie, and fell asleep for about an hour or so. Upon waking I finished watching the movie and now I'm drinking some Gypsy ColdCare tea with honey (umm...and eating tea biscuits with Nutella, but that's beside the point I guess). I'll have to let you guys know tomorrow whether or not this mix of remedies works ;o) Let's hope so, because I really don't want to go to Vegas feeling like crap. Ugh.

Now, another Change Your Life Challenge is coming up and I've somewhat reluctantly joined. Why reluctantly? Well, because this one is a

Basically, we are supposed to throw/give away at least 20 items. The reason this one may be a bit difficult for me is that I just went through my things and gave away about three bags of clothes and accessories...last month. Still, I'm going to try, and starting with the dress I wore yesterday:
Me, bundled up because I Can't. Get. Warm.

Brown Cloche-style winter hat: Ugg, from Nordstrom's
Brown Sweater: from Victoria's Secret catalogue
Cream sweater dress: from Victoria's Secret catalogue
Tights: Merona, from Target
Boots: from Old Navy

This is me wearing a sweater over the dress because I couldn't get warm yesterday. Again, no makeup and my hair isn't "done". Am I scaring you yet?

I do love my hat (courtesy of Steve), tights (courtesy of my mom) and boots...the brown sweater is comfy and cozy, if not attractive...but the dress. Ohhh, the dress.

I think the main problem with this dress is that it simply doesn't fit my body. First, it's a large and slightly too baggy around the waist and hip area. However, I'm afraid a medium would have been too tight in other areas, if you catch my drift. Also, the dress has these little tabs with buttons on the front. Cute in the magazine, but on me they accentuate what I deem the worst part of my body: my extra-wide hips (seriously: hate. them.) I tried to take a picture that would make this dress actually look somewhat decent on me/decent period and came up with this:
So from the side, not so bad. I think they have had it modeled like this in the catalogue. I don't know.

Anyway, though, this dress is numero uno on my list of things to "ditch or donate". As it's a perfectly nice dress in good condition (I've seriously worn it twice, maybe three times max) I'm sure I'll donate this one. So this is the only outfit you will see, ever, regarding this dress, but I will definitely come back around to my disdain for Victoria's Secret clothing. I bought a handful of things from their catalogue last year and really never was impressed, especially for the prices I was paying.

Ah well, another time! Pin It

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  1. I have never bought clothing for Victoria's Secret but I HATE their bras! They don't know how to size! Anyway, I think this dress looks good on you! But, if you don't love it you should donate it. Your closet should be full of things you LOVE (I need to work on that)!

    Classroom Chic