Sunday, December 5, 2010

Outfits AND Food!

Well, I'm nearing the end of day 3 of my vegetarian challenge, and so far it's been about as easy as I expected ;o) The hubby cooked himself some bacon to supplement our dinner last night, though, and despite not being a big bacon person...yes, it was hard to say "no"!

I actually don't have a recipe from yesterday. I woke up in the morning and had a very yummy (and pretty healthy) breakfast of plain Chobani Greek yogurt, Heartland original granola cereal and fresh strawberries. I eat a lot of yogurt and granola, but normally I stick with honey-flavored Chobani Greek yogurt and don't add any fruit, so this was a welcome change!

The rest of the morning and first part of the afternoon was spent dying my roots. Thus is life as a platinum blonde :-/ I really can't afford to go to the salon every time I need to get my roots done, so I do them at home every four or five weeks and at eight to ten weeks (from my last appointment) I go see my colorist. But I do love my hair color, so for now it's still worth it.

I donned a crazy Christmas sweater to go downtown for some festivities, then we came home pretty early and made a dinner of leftover sciue sciue. We actually just ate it cold and it was still delicious! I was afraid to reheat it and have the fresh basil end up any more wilted than it already was. Later on I supplemented my dinner with pita chips, tomato and veggie hummus and drunken goat cheese, as I hadn't eaten any sort of lunch.

That was day two of the vegetarian challenge, and tomorrow I will have a recipe for day three, I promise :o) But I will leave you with my fun Christmas outfit!

Hideous Christmas Sweater: from Steinmart. And it jingles!
Red sweater underneath: Merona, from Target
Skinny Jeans: Mossimo, from Target
Black ankle boots with plaid accents: from Baker's
Green & Gray gloves in left-hand picture: from Target
Red scarf in left-hand picture: pashmina-style, from Target
Earrings: Red & Green guitar pics with "Naughty" and "Nice" written on them, locally purchased

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  1. I could probably live on strawberries alone for weeks and weeks, esp added to yogurt or (god forbid) ice cream. nommmm.