Friday, December 31, 2010

Reverb10, 12/31: Core Story

What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world?

This is going to be a very difficult question for me to answer. Because I really do consider myself a multi-faceted being. It's why I have so many blogs ;) I have so much to write about travel and I also enjoy reviewing restaurants and activities in Greenville , not to mention the general everyday musings of someone who has lived all over the east coast, worked at Walt Disney World, been to hell and back in her relationship life, and is trying to balance eating right and working out and wearing the proper clothes and cooking and reading and learning new things, all in order to be a more well-rounded woman.

So in general, I guess I share myself, my story (or stories), and my life through blogging. But what is my central story? I suppose the best I can come up with is the story of my resilience. I have been told that I don't pat myself on the back enough for what I've been through, and for the fact that my troubles haven't had much of a negative impact. Well...why should I pat myself on the back? I'm a fairly attractive, healthy Caucasian woman who was raised in a middle class suburban home. My parents are still married. I was never beaten or abused in any way by them or anyone else while growing up. Anything problematic that has cropped up in my life was more a result of my own bad decisions and mistakes than anything else. But still, over the years I have learned to know when to let go as well as when to adapt. And those lessons, and the way they have shaped my life, are my core story. However...I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about them right now...because those stories are for another time. But trust me, I will share them...because as I've quoted before, “Experience, when it cannot be communicated to another, must wither within and be worst than lost.” Pin It

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