Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing Catchup with Reverb10, 12/1: One Word

Well, it's not like I have anyone really reading this blog right now (my own fault for refusing to "advertise" it, I guess) I don't feel too bad overflowing it with catchup posts for Reverb10. Which I just discovered today. Sigh.

On December 1st, those participating in reverb10 were asked to describe this year in one word. To be honest, it took me all of a few seconds to come up with my word for 2010:


When 2010 began, we had just relocated from Connecticut to Greenville and had honestly spent our first couple of months here doing, well, nothing. That quickly became a thing of the past as our year kicked off with amazing vacations, concerts, an engagement, a mere three months of wedding planning, a wedding itself, more vacations, and now it's suddenly the holiday season and I can't understand where this year went!

For 2011, then? I would like my word to be ACHIEVE. Why? Because although this year has been amazing and crazy, I don't much feel as if I accomplished anything real. I want next year to be different! Pin It

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