Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: The Reese Chronological Bible

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My mom purchased a couple volumes of The Reese Chronological Bible toward the end of last year and gave me one of them. I started reading it on January 1st, a few pages each day, and just finished yesterday (my goal was to finish by the end of the year, so yay me!). I'm not going to review the contents of the Bible (and as an FYI I would not appreciate rude comments about the Bible in general as I don't shove my beliefs in others' faces), but rather my thoughts on this chronological version.

Basically, it was really great to read the Bible chronologically. It did, however, get a bit frustrating to read the same genealogical lists back to back. Still, the only really major complaint I have about the Reese Chronological Bible in particular is the way the parallel passages were printed. At times they were just back to back, as mentioned above, but in other places each column of a page would be devoted to a completely separate chapter/book. It made for some frustrating back and forths and I just think that these passages could and should have been simply printed back to back to keep things a bit more simple/easier to follow. Pin It

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