Thursday, January 13, 2011

Once Upon an iPhone

Due to a recent and quite horrendous experience, and also thanks to the many questions I've received from Verizon customers wanting to know about the iPhone, I've decided to post about my love affair with this beautiful little piece of technology.

I had Sprint when I was with Ex (we had a family plan; his employer offered a pretty big discount with Sprint) and then I went back to Verizon when I started with my current employer. For the longest time, all I needed was my work phone because I rarely used up the minutes/texts even when using it as a personal phone as well. Unfortunately, in May 2009 I started working out of my house and was then required to give my work cell number out to customers. The first time someone from China called my cell at 4 AM on a weeknight, I knew I needed a personal cell phone again.

I was already with Steve at this point; in fact, we'd been together for over eight months and lived together, so having a family cell phone plan was no big deal to us. He already had AT&T and they had just released the iPhone 3Gs (this was June 2009), so we trekked up to the Apple Store at the Holyoke Mall in Massachusetts and bought ourselves some iPhones!

Now, let me preface the rest of this story with the following: I am very, very minorly tech-savvy. In fact, there are probably things my iPhone can do that I *still* don't know about. I'm also frugal about the weirdest things and I have not once paid for an iPhone app, despite the fact that I've had the phone for over a year and a half.

That said, I really can't express enough how much I love this phone. My work phone at the time I bought the iPhone was a brand new Blackberry Curve and was the first smartphone I'd ever owned. I thought it was super cool that I could download apps and check Facebook and read email on my phone. But that thing was SLOW. Half the apps I tried--including Pandora--did nothing but freeze the phone. And some time later, when a friend was complaining about her Curve's "hourglass of death", I knew exactly what she was talking about. I don't think I need to go on and on about all the awesome iPhone apps, but at least I've never had problems downloading, updating or using them!
Case and point: Steve and I checking the Walt Disney World Wait Times app while waiting for Tower of Terror!
The iPhone, on the other hand, is far more user friendly for a tech idiot such as myself. The touch screen is obviously superior to those on my sister's and best friend's LG and HTC touch screens, as well as another friend's Blackberry Storm touch screen. It takes way better pictures than my Blackberry Curve or my previous LG EnV (or "the brick", as Steve affectionately called it). And to this day, the only time I've really had trouble with AT&T's coverage was in New Orleans on Superbowl night. Yeah, the Superbowl that the Saints won. So.

Honestly, all of the cell phone companies are the same to me. They all rip you off, and I've had Verizon phones that dropped calls where I have perfect service with AT&T. I've heard people complain about AT&T's customer service, but I could tell you horror stories about issues that I've had with Verizon (I was with them for years before I had my Spring account with Ex). So I guess it's super duper cool that Verizon is finally getting the iPhone, but I don't see that effecting me at all, at least not immediately. All I can do is tell you that the only cell phone(s) that are supposedly comparable to the iPhone that I do not have experience with are the Droids, but I can without a doubt say that my iPhone is superior to any Blackberry I've ever touched ::shrug::

Which brings me to my final point...a little story. On Saturday January 1st I dropped my iPhone in water. (Yes, I was sober). It was completely submerged for at least five seconds. I took it out, immediately turned it off, and sealed it in a tupperware container with some rice for 24 hours. That was nearly two weeks ago, and ::knock on wood:: it seems to be just fine. As a sidenote, I've also dropped the darn thing more times than I can count, though of course I always had a case on it. So if anything, I can certainly attest to the quality and durability of the thing ;o)
And by the way, I love my case. Specially designed for Star Wars Celebration V, and yes, they ONLY had iPhone cases!
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  1. ::raises hand:: Yep, that was me with the BB Curve and hourglass of death. I went back to my LG enV ("the brick", ha ha ha) and haven't regretted it. I plan to get an iPod touch, which is damn near an iPhone by now. I figure if I'm going to go to Europe this year, then no point in locking myself into another 2 years with Verizon by getting a subsidized iPhone.