Monday, January 17, 2011

Please excuse me while I brag about my husband.

I had a really shitty day today, to be honest.

I'm still going through that BS with Ex. It's not getting any easier or better and today was something of an epic low.

On top of that, when I finally got out of work and went to pick up Wendy from her haircut, she wasn't ready yet and I had to wait about fifteen minutes for her. Not much, really, and normally it wouldn't bother me, but it was just that little something extra to top off a bad day.

Then I came home, and tonight Steve took over dinner and made his famous crepes, and that made [almost] everything better :o) You see, Steve spent a year in France as an exchange student, and while there he learned to make classic crepes. And they always turn out uh.may.zing. So while I have something of a recipe for you, it's only for what to fill the crepes with, because Steve's recipe is his little secret and I'm not allowed to post it ;o) But here he is, in all his glory, making me delicious crepes!
Action shot!

Isn't he handsome?
Anyway, we filled these crepes with the following recipe:

12-15 asparagus spears, trimmed and cut into thirds
One 6 oz. container feta crumbles
Generous handful of fresh dill, chopped
Salt and pepper

Steam the asparagus and mix it immediately with the feta and dill (while it's still hot!) and season with salt and pepper, as desired. Spoon about 2 heaping tablespoons of the mixture on a crepe, roll and eat immediately! This recipe makes enough filling to stuff about 6 crepes.

I know that it doesn't look particularly appetizing, but I promise you that these things were delicious! And yes, you can use store-bought crepes or even store-bought crepe mix...or you can find an actual crepe batter recipe and make them yourself, which are far better ;o) NOTE: Having a crepe pan and a small, thin wooden spatula help as well!
In conclusion, the best part about having crepes for dinner?
Why, because you can save a few of those crepes and have them for dessert!
I prefer Nutella, but you could also do, say, strawberries and cream ;o)

Moral of the story: A bad day is a bad day and nothing helps make it better like an amazing husband...and some homemade crepes!
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  2. I think I've only had a cheese filled crepe before. I don't eat a lot of heavier breakfast foods and you don't see them on a dinner menu very often! They look great though.