Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick outfit post :)

I want to try to post at least one outfit a week...because one of my goals (made long before New Years, and it was just a general goal and not one for 2011) was to be more fashion-conscious. Especially when dressing for work. You see, I work for a small company and I work in the finance department. There are seriously only four other people at my company and I never see customers or clients or anything (obviously). So yeah, I never had a reason to give a crap...and now I'm forcing myself. To give a crap, I mean.
Sweater: Macy's, no idea what brand
Black leggings: yoga leggings from Victoria's Secret
Gold flats: Payless

I love this sweater. I've had it for almost three years now, I think. It's super comfy and I enjoy the it looks good with leggings. And by the way, I know you can't see it but I'm wearing gold flats because the sweater has gold shot through it.

I know this probably isn't the hottest outfit ever, but as sad as it's one of the cuter things I've worn to work. Not just lately, but ever. Heh.

And since this blog isn't just about clothes and fashion, here's a current favorite snack of mine: 
 Pita bites, Drunken Goat cheese (a hard, somewhat lighter-flavored goat cheese) and hummus. Although the Athenos pictured above wasn't that great...not sure if it was the brand or the roasted pepper flavor, but I think I prefer original hummus or hummus with tomatoes in it. (Oh, and excuse all of my paperwork under the plate...I think that may be my passport stuff now that I'm finally changing the name on the darn thing.)
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  1. I've heard Drunken Goat Cheese is great, I need to try it!

    Also, VS leggings are the only ones I own. I really like them!

  2. I like Drunken Goat because you get the goat cheese flavor but it's easier to cut (it doesn't crumble, it slices)

    I own leggings from like...everywhere haha. But I do like the VS ones because they come in tall! I never have to worry about them not being long enough :)

  3. I would have stuck a black skinny belt on that sucker and called it a day! LOVE the look and the gold flats- "me likey." :)

  4. See, the shirt actually came with a skinny black tie belt...but I never use it because whether it's my body or the drape of the shirt itself, it doesn't look right on me with a belt haha. Plus sometimes I just want to hide my monster hips ;)

  5. I got a really good hummus with a garlic flavor that I enjoyed for a snack last night. I enjoy the roasted red pepper, but not that brand. I'll have to check the brand of the one I like next time I get it. (And also need to remember to get pita bites next time I am out as the pretzel sticks I used were not nearly as good as pita bites.)