Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day Part 2: Cabin Fever

Well, it's official--I'm sick of being stuck at home.

At this point I probably could have gone to work about, oh, 3 PM today. It would have taken me 30+ minutes to get there and I would have had to leave for home by 5 or so to be home before it got dark and the black ice issue revved up. So I didn't go. Anywhere. Again. It really doesn't help that we picked this past weekend to stay in/be lazy/save money. I haven't been out of my house (beyond walking the pups) since I got home from work on Friday.


As it is, I've done dishes, vacuumed the entire house, done more laundry than I care to admit, almost finished the book I'm reading, practiced my guitar, and watched far too many episodes of season one of Heroes. I finally got the hotel room booked for Vegas in May and I even began cooking up an unmentionable idea that I'm super excited about (and will discuss in detail later). And now I'm just hoping and praying that the snow on the roads will melt enough, and the sun will come out tomorrow, and I'll be able to fit in a good long day at work.

I could obviously never be a stay-at-home wife or mom, ya dig?

In conclusion, I'll share with you one of the many outfits that I've stockpiled. I took pictures of my work outfits three out of the five days last week (forgot the other two, oops). Nothing spectacular but I'm really, seriously trying to look more put-together for work...after years of wearing frumpy and/or boring outfits.
 I'm not wearing makeup or a smile. No makeup because I like to give my face a break during the week (and I'm too lazy to put the stuff on for work, not gonna lie). No smile because I was trying to shoo the dogs out of my shot. Obviously I failed miserably, and Miss Wendy says "Hello!" to y'all ;)
Sweater: taupe and tan cowl/turtle-necked sweater from Target
Leggings: brown yoga leggings from Victoria Secret...I love that their leggings come in tall sizes!
Boots: flat brown "riding" style boots from Old Navy

The day I wore this, my sister said I looked like one of those snobby girls from a 1990s film who wore riding clothes everywhere. I actually thought I looked okay :o)

And now I must go try to keep myself from bored online shopping. *SO* difficult. Sigh.
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  1. Wow!! The snow is really keeping you at home?! I can't even imagine!! Super cute outfit! Stay warm!!

  2. I know, it's crazy!

    The problem is that in many areas of the South they don't have the proper tools to deal with any snow/ice, let alone this much. I did make it into work today, but I left home much later than usual in hopes that things had melted a bit...no such luck. It quit snowing/sleeting sometime early yesterday morning and many roads are still practically impassible. The only roads that have been plowed are the interstates and the sand that was spread over other roads didn't do much other than make a mess :-/

  3. Cute outfit! I love how your puppy is just looking at the camera like, "no pictures please!"