Friday, January 21, 2011

Thing #8: A Thank You Letter

Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

At the risk of being cliche, this one absolutely has to go to Steve.

Myrtle Beach, August 2005. Gross jello shooter take #1.
If someone had told me way back on October 31, 1998 that I would be meeting my soul mate that evening, I would have been really freaking confused. Partly because I was 15 and partly because I was scheduled to hang out with a guy I liked that night...but obviously I had already met him. And if someone had clarified later, after I'd been introduced to you, that you were in fact my soul mate...I can't imagine that I would have thought anything other than "You've got to be kidding me."

Myrtle Beach, August 2008. Gross jello shooter take #2.
Fast forward nearly seven years, to 2005, and the only thing I can say about that time period is that I should have allowed myself to fall in love with you right then. I should have thrown my inhibitions to the wind, and I should have told you, the moment I realized you were more than a friend, how I felt. I did nothing of the sort. I teased and played games and in the end I took the "safe" course. The one that didn't involve you.

We're officially a couple! (9/20/2008)
I don't know what possessed you to give me a chance--a second chance--in 2008. That's my first thank you. That after nearly three years of no contact at all, you laughed in the face of caution and spent hours on the phone with me over the course of a single weekend. That you spent your hard-earned money on a rental car and a hotel room and drove something like 15 hours to see me. That when you went home after just a couple of amazing days, you continued to make it very clear that I wasn't just some fling, some girl, and I certainly wasn't just a friend.

Halloween in Disney World - exactly 10 years after we first [officially] met!
You knew that I was broken and you didn't try to fix me, because you didn't have to try. You fixed me just by being you. Because you are honest and intelligent and affectionate and caring and kind and down to Earth and you don't play games. I would be remiss if I didn't thank you for all of that, as well as thank you for not being afraid to be yourself...even when it meant being a total geek around me, or when it meant opening your heart and allowing for a chance to be hurt. I was never anything but honest with you about the awful choices I had made in the past, but you trusted me anyway, when many others probably wouldn't have.

The first theme party we threw together :)
And the thing is, as time has passed these things haven't changed. You haven't changed. Of course our relationship has, of course it has evolved, as relationships are bound to do. But even when there were people out there telling you, either by actions or by words, that you shouldn't be with me, you didn't fall prey to their manipulations. Because although their actions were obvious and their voices were loud, they were just a few among the many who knew that we were right together.

The biggest blow of all, of course, was the inevitable end of my time in Connecticut and the fact that I had to schedule a date to move back to South Carolina...or else give up my job. But instead of trying to convince me to stay, you simply started looking for work in South Carolina. I know that you always wanted to get out of Connecticut, and I know that you wouldn't have moved to Greenville if you'd hated it here when you visited...but what matters is that you didn't think twice about coming with me.
9/20/2009 - Our one year anniversary in Walt Disney World.
You left a job you'd held for years, friends you'd had since elementary, middle, and high school, and your family...all so that we could build a life. Together. That is a volume of sacrifice that too many people out there would never make, no matter who was involved. I of all people know that.

I think you saw our future together so much longer before I did and were more set on it than I ever was. Not because I love you less than you love me, but because only you could know the lengths to which you would go to catch and keep me ;o)
Our geekiness knows no bounds.
You are my hero. You saved me. You are my anti-anxiety drug. Just being in the same room with you causes this wave of calm to wash over me. You are my soul mate. My geeking out over Star Wars, dressing up for theme parties, jamming out on our guitars, giving our pets (all six of them) crazy nicknames, Greenville Drive game frequenting soul mate.

Of course we aren't perfect, our relationship isn't perfect, but I'd rather have imperfection with you than anything else in the world. So thank you, thank you, thank you for being mine. For being you. For being the best man I've ever known.

This is just the beginning :o)

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  1. sweet. :) Loved that wedding dress by the way...

  2. Thank you! I'll have to post my wedding dress story on here...because we only had about three and a half months between the proposal and wedding and it was more like "say yes to a mess" than "say yes to the dress" haha

  3. Hi! Thanks for the sweet message the other day! You r too kind! Lovin your blog! I'm going to browse through now! Ttys! Kris

  4. Tara, what a beautiful letter. I can't tell you how happy I am for seem like you are in such a good place, and it makes me smile:)

  5. I am all kinds of jealous of your wedding dress. And I'm SO HAPPY for you guys. Truly, really and fully.

  6. AHH! You both look like babies in that first picture. (I think you in glasses is totally throwing me off. I didn't know you wore them!) :) So cute!

  7. @Sandy - I normally wear contacts, I hate not having my peripheral vision so I rarely wear my glasses. There is a story behind why I had them on in that picture. It involves a drunk midnight swim in the ocean and me not having brought an extra pair of contacts to Myrtle Beach with me on that trip ;)