Monday, January 3, 2011

Yay New Year?

I just realized that all I've posted for quite some time now are reverb10 answers and book reviews...oops. Especially as this blog is supposed to be about rounding myself out...big oops. I do have a special outfit post lined up, as well as a bunch of new recipes I'll be trying. Also, I'm trying to wrap up the "Ditch & Donate" challenge. I got started two days late (thanks to almost being stuck in Connecticut due to that big snow storm) so I think I deserve to be able to work on the challenge through tomorrow ;) One good thing about New Year's Eve is that I wore a dress I hadn't worn in five years and realized it was time to let said dress go. Here, I'll sort of make this an outfit post!
Earrings: You can't see them, but I was wearing gold chandelier earrings from Express
Dress: Bought at Macy's in the fall of 2005. No lie.
Shoes: Glittery awesome gold numbers from Baker's!
Husband: Born & raised New Englander, geeky engineer, Buddy Holly look-a-like & the best man I've ever known. Heehee ;)

I won't get into my New Year's Eve other than to say I ruined those shoes and was super upset about it. HOWEVER...because the ruining was totally due to the design of the shoes more than anything I did (although yes, something I did caused it...I really can't explain this well, I guess), they are letting me trade them in! Unfortunately, they don't have the gold ones in my size, so I have to go with silver...but honestly, WHATEVER and I love me some Baker's!!!

As for the dress...I don't know. I loved it when I bought it but when I put it on Friday evening I realized that I don't care for the length or the cut of the skirt. So in the donate pile it goes! I've only worn it three times (to two weddings in 2005 and for New Year's Eve this past weekend) so it's in good just doesn't help that I keep most of my nice dresses and I really don't need this one considering I don't love it anymore.

Anyway. I have some posts lined up...anytime I try a successful new recipe (and I have about a half dozen of them planned for the next couple of weeks), and some thoughtful things that I've been dealing with the past few weeks or so. Hopefully I will really be able to get into the swing of things with this blog. It's a lot more difficult than I thought to switch over here and do a completely public blog when I've had a mostly friends-only blog on LJ for nearly 7 years, let me tell you! Pin It

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