Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My version of the "Slim Fast Plan"

No, I'm not going to sell you Slim Fast, though I have to admit that sometimes I'll buy those things and drink them as treats ;o) But as meals? No thanks.

Still, Slim Fast knows what they're talking about. But instead of drinking Slim Fasts for breakfast and lunch, I have other (and probably healthier, if not quite as low in calories) options. I've talked about my favorite breakfasts before--cold cereal (Special K, Mini Wheats, Cheerios, Corn Pops, etc.) with 2% milk or yogurt (plain or plain Greek) with fruit and granola. And I've also mentioned my "snack" of pita chips, goat cheese and hummus--which more often than not serves as a meal, that being lunch.

Of course, I go through food phases and currently my favorite lunch is something along these lines:
Although my favorite Trader Joe Ming's noodle box is actually the Pad Thai. Followed by the Kung Pao. The Satay are actually my least favorite, but the only ones I took a picture of. I love these noodle boxes because they're tasty and filling and only something like 300 calories!

The Stoned Wheat crackers? Freaking delicious. I usually eat about 4-6 of those along with one noodle box for lunch, and that keeps me full for a good six hours.

While I completely agree that eating a bunch of small meals throughout the day is probably the best way to go, I only did that for an extended period of time back in 2008, and then only because I didn't have time for three meals a day. So if you're going to eat three meals a day, sticking with some healthier, slightly smaller-portioned options for breakfast and lunch and following it up with a "sensible" dinner is my version of the Slim Fast Plan :o) More than anything, though, this entry is about giving you some lunch ideas that don't involve deli meats soaked in salt baths and fast food fried in vats of oil.
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  1. I am definitely a multiple meal eater. I eat a small bowl of cereal at home, then basically eat snacks until lunch. When I say snacks, I mean hard-boiled egg, edamame, any fruits/veggies, or yogurt w/granola.

    Then I eat lunch, which consists of 3-5 different items.

    My coworker thinks I eat constantly. I kind of do, from 7 a.m. - noon. After lunch, I'm good til I get home, when I need another snack. Dinner is usually my smallest meal of the day.

    I think the most important thing we can do is listen to our bodies, though. I keep seeing girls saying "I'm so hungryyyyyy even though I just ate breakfast." If you're hungry after breakfast, then you either 1) didn't eat enough or 2) didn't enough the right food! Our bodies will guide us if we let them.

    I also see people say that when they skip breakfast, they're not as hungry in the morning. Breakfast is SO IMPORTANT for kick-starting your metabolism so that you don't come home later and eat an entire bag of chips or 4 bowls of cereal. A good breakfast totally balances out your body and will guide you through the rest of the day.

    Sorry for my rant, I've been drinking wine :) I haven't tried those TJ bowls but I do like their noodle soup bowls!

  2. Good plan! Found you on 20sb. FYI (though you probably already know this) 5 small meals a day is ideal for best for optimal metabolism but 3 small ones a day will still be a great way to lose weight. Keep at it!

  3. Love it! I've never tried the Stoned Wheat Crackers-- I need to, they look delicious.

  4. @Stacy you need to try the noodle boxes! They're really good. I do suggest the Pad Thai first, then the Kung Pao...I wasn't really big on the Satay. The sauce was a bit too sweet or something. I agree about breakfast - I've *always* been a breakfast eater! Not really the eggs/bacon/pancake type, but usually I eat something that will keep me from being hungry for at least 4-6 hours.

    @Caity - thanks for following! And yes, I totally know that snacking/eating more small meals is the "best" way to go...but it's always been hard for me to get away from my three solid meals a day. That said, I eat enough to feel full but not stuffed and to keep me from feeling hungry for quite some time, so I'm definitely not one to starve myself just so I stick to three meals a day :)

    @Megan - I don't really know what it is about these crackers, but I'm hooked lately!