Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pet Intros: Marmalade

Oh, Marmalade...or, as some of our friends like to call her, "The Real Lady Marmalade". She was a surprise addition to our little family, but honestly, how could we not take in a cat that looks like this:
When we moved to South Carolina in October 2009 we had to stay with my parents for a few weeks. At the time, Marmalade was named Pocahontas and she was technically my niece's cat...and also supposed to be a barn cat. But you see, Marmalade didn't want to be a barn cat. She wanted to be inside. And she kept sneaking into the basement apartment where Steve and I were staying. We were surprised that she put up with Wendy and almost got along with our when my mom mentioned that they were trying to cut down on the number of animals at the farm (and that my sister couldn't take Marmalade because her douche-y husband was supposedly allergic to cats ::cough::LIE::cough::) didn't take long for Steve and I to give in and make her ours.

Marmalade's name actually came to us on a whim. We didn't like the name Pocahontas so we hemmed and hawed over what name to give her...until one evening we were watching The Office and one of the characters--I think Michael or Dwight--was complaining about how there was no marmalade for the bagels. It was like an epiphany...we knew we just had to name her Marmalade!

I can't believe I'm saying this, because for so long Stitch was my favorite cat...but no more. Marmalade is my favorite. She's nearly two years old now and she's still tiny, compact, barely bigger than a large kitten. And she loves to cuddle. And she's just super sweet...she puts up with any and everything and I really can't imagine her biting or scratching a person. Plus she's one hell of a tree climber.

And seriously, our friends love her so much that she gets her own Christmas cards in the mail from them. No lie. Pin It

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  1. What a cutie! Thanks for reading my blog. I'm tagging you in an award, I hope you accept it from me! Thanks.