Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pet Intros: Rigby

I have one thing to say about our dog Rigby: we never knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Such a well-read dog.
In fact, it was almost exactly a year ago that we brought Rigby home. We had decided sometime in January 2010 that we were ready for another dog, and one day an acquaintance of mine emailed Rigby's description to me. He was on the PTS (that's "put to sleep") list at Greenville County Animal Care Services. The next day I drove over to GCACS to meet him. He was sweet and cute and I figured it couldn't hurt to bring Steve and Wendy over to meet him. So I ran home, picked them up, and went back--all in the same evening.

Rigby immediately loved Wendy, but Wendy was so freaked out that she didn't really pay him much attention (she came from GCACS so I can only figure that it was scarily familiar to her). Not that it mattered, because Wendy is the friendliest dog ever. I was waffling a bit--everything was happening so fast--but Rigby (who was named Thor [I know, right???] at the time) was scheduled to be put to sleep in about 4 days! Steve was actually the one who finally said, "We're doing it. We have to."

Problem was, we were leaving for vacation. GCACS thankfully agreed to "board" Rigby for free while we were gone and I planned to pick him up in a week.

Except then he caught kennel cough, so we had to wait for that to get better.

Then he had a seizure, and they wouldn't fix him until we had him checked out by a vet.

So when we brought Rigby home at the end of February last year, he was still intact. And he peed on everything. It was maddening. It took us weeks to get him diagnosed with epilepsy, on the proper medication, and finally, finally, neutered.

Yup, he loves me.
The great things about Rigby are that (a) he is completely enamored with Wendy and (b) he is the only dog I've ever owned who comes when he is called. I can take him outside without a leash and he will not run off. The other day the fence blew down in our backyard (don't ask) and I didn't notice until after I'd let the dogs out. Wendy took off (she's back now though, thank God) but Rigby came to me as soon as I called his name.

Unfortunately, Rigby is extremely jealous/overprotective. He's weird about other dogs...sometimes he's okay with them and sometimes he's just not, for no good reason, no matter how friendly they are. And he gets after the cats sometimes.

But he is also my sweet needy boy and he's kind of obsessed with me, which can be cute when it's not too much. Regardless, I'm glad that we took him in and gave him a good home, because although epilepsy isn't an extremely costly problem to treat, it's not a walk in the park either and most people probably wouldn't want to deal with it. Thankfully Steve and I aren't those people ;o)
Best buds. And no, we have no idea what kind of dog Rigby is.
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  1. OMFG! HE IS SO CUTE! What a darling. I'm so glad that you rescued him. I'm all for rescuing animals as I wrote in my post. I'm in love! And it's so weird to meet another "Rigby" because like I told you before we always get comments on what an unsual name it is and I've never met another one before. So happy for you all!

  2. He is absolutely adorable!! I want to hug him and his cuteness. He sounds like a sweetheart.