Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pet Intros: Stitch

I think it's pretty obvious, considering I have six pets, that I love animals. Last month another blogger friend dedicated a post--or at least, most of one--to her dog, and I had the idea to introduce you to each of my babies, one by one. Because my pets are [for now] the only children I have, and I love them very, very much.

I'm going to introduce my cats and dogs to you in the order they came into my life, which means that we will begin with my nearly-eight-year-old cat Stitch!
Isn't he super handsome? I only wish this picture showed how big he is! He's very thin but very long. And he is a nearly perfect tuxedo cat with his white chest and white paws...except for one black toe on his front right paw. Hence one of his many nicknames, "Black Toe". There's also "Stitchy Parks" but I'll refrain from telling that story. For numerous reasons. ;o)

Stitch was the first pet that Ex and I adopted together, from a group in the Lynchburg VA area called CARE Inc. (I think)...way back in June 2003. Of course they said he was about 10 weeks old at the time, which means he was born sometime in April 2003. And he was the fluffiest, most mischievous little kitten. I had to have him.

Unfortunately, that mischievous little kitten grew into kind of an asshole of a cat. He wants to play, really he does, but his "playing" often involves lots of teeth and claws. Ouch. He also terrorizes our dogs. However, he's great with other cats. In fact, he's kind of the "mediator" of the four cats. He never starts fights or allows the others to pick on him, but instead runs off to break up the tiffs that erupt between the other three. He also has very soft fur, sheds in clumps (which makes it way easier to pick up, trust me), and his whiskers are the longest, most luxurious and beautiful whiskers I've ever seen on a cat.

Now if only he'd stop clawing at the carpet to go outside in the middle of the night... Pin It


  1. He's precious. :) Haha. Of course actions speak louder than words... But he looks like a good cat at heart.

  2. I wanted to say thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day. It really brightened my day to see someone else who has once felt this way and is now so happy! I appreciate it so much! Thanks