Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thing #19: Talent

Day 19: A talent of yours.
I can sing.
No really, I can really sing.
I wish I had a video to post, but I don't. Sad. Still, I promise you that I'm not lying. I was in my high school's select vocal ensemble and had solos and parts in numerous musicals, cabarets, etc throughout and just after college. Not only can I carry a tune, but I can make myself sound almost exactly like any [female] singer. If I want to, that is; I also have my own "voice". Also, it only takes me hearing a song about 3 times to know the tune and most of the lyrics. I used to also have a huge range, though I'm out of practice lately and can't hit some of the super high notes that I used to be able to hit.
But hey, I can play the guitar a bit now!
Hippie girl playing a G. (as in the chord)
Day 20: A hobby of yours.
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  1. That's great, when did you start playing guitar? I want to learn to play the piano before I kick the bucket but I can't read music. Post a video of you singing. I'm sure it's awesome!

  2. Haha my guitar history is spotty. I started back in 2002 learning the "real" way...i.e. learning by trying to play from sheet music. Needless to say I gave that up after just a few months and then my guitar was stolen in late 2004. Then Steve bugged and bugged me to pick it up again when we started dating and showed me the whole learning by tabs/chords idea so in July of '09 I just picked up his guitar and started practicing. I go through phases with it but I know a bunch of country songs and a couple hymns and folk songs.

    I've had people ask to post videos of me singing...old friends who I used to sing karaoke with all the time...and I just never get around to doing it! Maybe I will sometime :)

  3. I had no idea you could sing/play guitar. As if I didn't think you were pretty awesome already. :)