Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thing #26: Childhood Memory

Day 26: A childhood memory.
I don't want to sound like I'm bragging or anything, but I had what many would consider an ideal childhood. As I mentioned before, my mom keeps an impeccably clean house and is an amazing cook. Although we were very much lower middle class for most of my childhood, and although there were certainly things I wanted that my parents couldn't afford (those light-up sneakers, for one; also a Super Nintendo--we had to make do with original Nintendo and even then that was the only Christmas present we got one year), we were happy.

The first memory that pops into my mind is a refrigerator box. In the winter of...I want to say 1993...my dad must have gotten a bonus or a raise or something, because in one fell swoop we got cable television (!!!) and a new fridge for our kitchen. We got them on the same day, and the very next day there was a big snowstorm and school was canceled. You would think that I would have spent my day watching awesome TV shows on the TONS of channels (read: like 40) that we now had...but no. My cousin and I took the box from the new refrigerator and spent all day making it into a "submarine" and then playing in it. We drew a window looking out into the ocean, with coral reefs and fish showing in it. We drew a control panel. We stocked the sub with jugs of water and snacks and blankets. It. was. awesome.
When the box inevitably fell apart a couple of months later, I was devastated. But that remains one of my best childhood memories and proof that I was never meant to be a couch potato :o)
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