Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thing #30: A Motto

Day 30: A motto or philosophy.

For quite some time now (since August 2004, to be exact) my motto/philosophy has been "Be honest and up front, but try to remain tactful." Now, the "tactful" portion hasn't always been possible, but in general I pride myself on speaking my mind without making others feel awful about themselves. For instance, I'm very good at telling people that they are in unhealthy relationships without alienating them or the significant other who I'm not keen on.

Since that moment where I realized that something in me--the part that allowed me to deal with sucky people and to stick up for myself and others who got the shaft--had been awakened, there have been very few times when I've kept my true thoughts and opinions censored. And those times it was only because people close to me, people I loved, begged me to do so. And in the end not one of those situations turned out well anyway! Which is something I remind myself of nowadays when others expect me to gloss things over.

And since I became this person who is honest and up front about basically everything, my friendships and relationships have become much stronger and more trustworthy. So it's a motto/philosophy that I simply can't encourage enough :o)
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