Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: A Quick Tip

I think my absolute number one tip on how to start losing weight and simply feeling better is to cut soda and other high-sugar-content drinks out of your diet and replace them with water.

Way back in the day in high school, I wanted to lose a bit of weight without having to actually diet. I started myself on a light workout regimen and figured I needed to do something about the way I ate and/or drank.

So I stopped drinking soda. Completely. To this day I may have a coke once in a great while, like when coffee isn't available and I need the caffeine, but I don't really care for the stuff.

And when I stopped drinking soda, I started drinking water. Lots of it. I'd say nowadays I drink well over 100 ounces of water a day. And I drink it from my fridge, so it's cool, but I don't add ice because if it's too cold it hurts my super sensitive teeth :-/

Anyway, back to me being in high school. With just a light workout regimen (about 20 minutes of aerobic-style exercises every morning), cutting out soda and drinking more water I slimmed down by about ten pounds (in about a three month period). Which doesn't sound like much...and I don't have a before picture to show you...but I do have an after picture and as you can see, I did not need to get rid of more than ten pounds:
Look at wee little high school Tara!

Now, I'm not really sure that if someone is in their 20s they could slim down so much just by taking soda out of their diet and drinking more water and doing some light exercise. A lot of it depends on your metabolism (mine certainly isn't what it was in high school), your general eating habits (I've never been a huge fast food fan), etc. But as the title of this entry states...I'm giving you a quick tip here and this is only the tip of a very big iceberg when it comes to getting fit and staying fit :)

Another tidbit: Drinking gatorade or vitamin waters with sugars in them doesn't count toward your water intake. At least not in my world. And if you can drink your coffee black, or at least with minimal amounts of sugar and cream, that will help immensely as well! Pin It


  1. I've been drinking a lot more unsweetened all natural iced tea instead of diet pop, and it's been a good replacement. Another is carbonated water (la croix) but ONLY if it has nothing added to it. a lot of sparkling waters have sweeteners, even HFCS!

  2. ^Very true! Personally I'm not a fan of sparkling waters, vitamin waters, flavored waters...I've actually had people say they don't like the "taste" of regular old water...I don't get that. I love me some water, straight from the tap/fridge (so long as it's not gross Florida water, haha).