Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another guitar video attempt :)

Again, I make some mistakes and whatnot but what can you do? :) If you watch I hope you enjoy, I do what I can...haha

Here's the link to my youtube channel in case you want to subscribe - I don't upload a LOT of stuff to it, but I also don't post everything that I upload here on my blog. Pin It


  1. I love your voice! And I wish that I could play the guitar especially at the same time as singing which is super hard to do! I tried to play the guitar by taking lessons for a few months but it was really hard and I never had time to practice so I stopped because it was a waste of money haha.

  2. @jacin - thank you :) I've been playing since July 2009 but I honestly don't practice enough.

    @Caity - thank you! my husband plays guitar far better than I do but he can't play and sing at the same time and swears that it's hard...personally I think it's easier to play while singing than to try to just play. as for lessons - I've had none! I taught myself using tabs/chords so I'm no musician, honestly ;)