Saturday, March 19, 2011

I get excited about geek things.

I have reviewed 158 things - mostly books, but there are is at least one movie and some other random products in there as well - on I started reviewing on Amazon back in June 2005.

And I finally, finally got The Email today.

What email is that? Why, the Amazon Vine invite, of course!

If you don't know what Amazon Vine is, basically they send free products (books, movies, and more) to people like myself, products that we read/watch/use and then review. And I've been waiting for this invite for a couple years now. Well, maybe not waiting for it--but certainly hoping for it! I'm not 100% sure how they choose the Vine participants, but I think it has to do with the number of reviews you post in direct correlation to the number of helpful votes you get on those reviews. Regardless, it's a good thing and I'm psyched.

It's been a really shitty week for me and this is my bit of good news so...thanks for sharing in it with me, I guess? ;) Pin It


  1. aw you just writing that last comment put a smile on my face :)
    I see what we are both south carolinians!

  2. That's a neat program! I had no clue it existed.

  3. @simple girl - yes! I think I found you on 20 something bloggers. not sure where in SC you live but I <3 this state :)

    @Stacy - I found out a few years ago and I've been [not so] patiently waiting for an invite since, haha