Monday, March 14, 2011

My account is there, but I'm not.

Yeah yeah yeah, back to the Facebook thing.

I'm still avoiding it, you know. Just because my account is reactivated doesn't mean that everyone needs to go back to using it as the only means of contacting me.


As I mentioned on Saturday, I reactivated my account because deactivating it turned out to be fairly negative for my "professional" life. Whatever. But no sooner had I reactivated it--while I was still signed on and making sure my security preferences were all still set properly (because Facebook warned me that some of my preferences had changed when I deactivated? I don't know, I checked and everything seemed fine) and cleaning up my friend list, people were already writing on my wall "oh, you're back huh?" Honestly!

NO, I'm not "back". My account is there but I'm still avoiding the damn site. In fact, I've only signed in once since reactivating and that only to update the viewing preferences for many of my older photo albums, since I decided there were certain times of my life that just needed to go undocumented. At least on Facebook.

And I'm still going to avoid status updating, using Facebook as a means to contact people, uploading photos, or putting the app back on my phone. At least until after St. Patrick's day and again, hopefully until the end of the month. So honestly, if you're my friend on Facebook but have my email or phone number, please bear with me and don't use that as our only point of contact for a little while longer? Please? Pin It

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