Monday, March 7, 2011

Now Comes the Hard Part.

(that's what she said)

Steve and I got back from an awesome weekend in Charleston yesterday. I put all of the photos I took on my computer, and then realized...I have nowhere to post them! I don't have a tumblr or a flickr (and can someone tell me why they've left the "e's" out of those words?) and of course, I'm off Facebook for the moment. Huh.

So that was a difficult realization, but the bigger issue is that we had some great times with a couple we know that lives in Charleston and yet we do not have each others' phone numbers/emails! We've always just kind of kept in touch through Facebook. So now I'd love to follow up on some of the discussions we had with them Saturday night, but can't because I can't sign into Facebook. This is exactly the problem I want to avoid in the future!

I've now had a few people contact me because they've noticed I'm not on Facebook anymore. Most of them are good friends who assumed I deleted my page because...well, because they know that I wouldn't defriend them. But I have gotten one "did you defriend me?" text. The "did you delete your page" question I expected, but what I didn't expect are the "BUT WHY?"'s. Seriously, no one can understand why I wouldn't want to be on Facebook! It's almost like me deleting my page is worse than the idea of my having defriended them.

And can I also mention that I hate the words "un-friend" and "defriend"? THEY AREN'T REAL WORDS. Yet you see me using them because there really isn't a better term for removing someone from your friend's list on Facebook. Not a concise one, anyway.

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  1. Did you see Social Network? We just watched it this weekend so it's fresh in my mind. It was really good! It's so interesting what a phenomenon FB has become and really, how little it's changed in 7 years, other than becoming less "exclusive."

  2. Yeah, I have seen it! I really enjoyed it as well. I have to be honest, this whole no Facebook thing is fine some days but right about now it's harder than I expected...

  3. I rarely use facebook so I doubt anyone would even notice if I stopped having an account!

  4. I bet after a while, once you get used to it, you won't miss FB and WON'T come back!! :) As for "un-friend' and "de-friend" not being words- stop being so prescriptivist! I love how words change with times; otherwise, we'd still be talking like Geoffrey Chaucer! (even though that WOULDE be a funne way to speake)

  5. Weelll I don't think I'll be able to give it up entirely. I honestly use it too much for actual networking (not just the social stuff).

    And hey, I don't hate on ALL new words! I spent half my high school years insisting that "whatev" should be an actual word ;) I just don't like "un-friend" and "de-friend" because they sound...awkward, or something. Not right.

  6. I just did the same thing about a month ago! I just decided to get off, and boy did I get some hell for it! Today I actually went back on because I didn't have email addresses or phone numbers for so many of my friends! And now that I'm on I'm getting yelled at to never leave again.
    How silly!

    we have the same blog design :)

  7. @Annie - Seriously, I've had enough people bugging out that I'm not sure if I'll make it to the end of the month!

    I like this blog design but I kinda need to put together something of my own I think. I just don't really know how! Sigh.

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  9. Oh I know! I've been trying to figure it out... I really want something of my own, but I am so tech-less it's ridiculous. I may have to pay someone to do it for me...