Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reactivating Facebook, because

I was so concerned about Facebook taking over my personal life that I didn't realize it had taken over my professional life as well.


I had to reactivate my page yesterday, because I am the admin for my company's Facebook page. With my page deactivated, our Facebook page was defunct.

To top that off, as I mentioned on Thursday the badge for my travel blog was also nonexistent because my account was deactivated. Which means the fan site for my startup business/website was also not there. And considering I just built this website last month and have been promoting it all over town...not good.

That said, my Facebook is up and running and all my pages are reinstated. I had to stay on for a bit last night to make sure my privacy settings were the same, and I also deleted about 100 "friends". I'm still going to have rules for myself though - until the end of March I'm going to limit my sign-ins to as few as possible (literally, unless I have to get on there for work or my website I won't sign on at all) and after that there will be no daily status updates or whatever. I'm also seriously considering getting rid of or making some of my photo albums private.

It just kills me that as much as I wanted to get away from Facebook, it turns out that the thing that dragged me back was my professional life rather than my personal life.

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  1. Yay! I've stayed away from FB for the LONGEST time, since I'm pretty sure I'll fall in and never get out, but people are telling me I need to network on it! I'm still unsure of whether it's a good networking tool since some dumb people post idiotic, drunken messages on my wall...not good.;-)
    BTW, thanks for your comment, yes my family/friends are all okay and for the most part their homes weren't damaged...we've been glued to the TV since yesterday, it's been hard to try and concentrate on anything else...

    Also, you wrote my blog wasn't showing up in your Google reader...could you let me know more about that? You can always email me at carlyjcais at gmail dot com or send me a screenshot of what's going on... I had thought I transferred all the settings correctly so now I'm a little worried I've lost my readers!
    Thanks again & good luck with the Facebook vacuum!

  2. I just made a post about facebook and how evil I find it to be. I doubt we dislike it for the same reasons though- in fact it totally sounds like quite the opposite. But anyway, sorry to hear your facebook is up and running? Or yay?

  3. @ Carly - It could be MY issue. I am really not good with Google reader and tend to follow/read the blogs I follow more directly through blogspot. I'll try to figure it out this week and let you know if for some reason it's not an issue with ME haha

    @ Caity - I'll have to check out your Facebook entry and I'll let you know if our reasons are that different for disliking it :) And yeah, I'm annoyed that I had to reactivate it but I'm not putting it back on my phone anytime soon and other than signing in to reactivate it and do some housecleaning the other day, I haven't gone back on. I'll probably post more about it tomorrow :)

  4. I thought about going back in and deleting everyone who is not from College or Disney. I liked seeing what friends from years gone by are up to....but I'm not ready for all the nonsense yet!