Friday, March 18, 2011

This has not been my week: Let me count the ways.

No, I'm not really going to recount every single crappy thing that happened to me this week. Let's just say that work has been really difficult, I made a snap decision without really thinking about it and it turned out to be a bad one, aaannnnddd both things we were thinking about doing tomorrow night ended up canceled.

But...I did okay with the Facebook thing! Although I did have to reactivate and in turn had to reply to some urgent messages earlier this week (from people who don't have my phone number anymore, though they likely have my email address...hmmm) I didn't actually "use" the site (in terms of commenting on things, making wall posts or uploading pictures) until yesterday. I allowed myself a status update because I hadn't made one in two weeks and I've just had an overall crappy past few days. But I'm still not really having any issue limiting my signing on or interacting with people, and I like it. Apparently all I needed was a quick break to change my habits. Thank God.

I wish I had something else for you today, but I don't. I'm struggling through a book on my Kindle (the font size is terribly tiny! but hey, it was free...?), we've been eating leftovers all week, and I've been too busy playing Red Dead Redemption on the PS3 to practice guitar. So no reviews, no recipes, no videos. I suck at life.

(No, I don't really think that ;o) In fact, even after having such a craptastic week I'm not in that bad of a mood. I'm just not myself and too lazy to think of anything else to post.) Pin It

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