Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Review: Beyond Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor

I agree with others that after the first couple of pages (which are definitely attention-getting), the first few chapters of this book are a bit tedious. It definitely got a lot more interesting when the author finally began rehashing his tale of getting published. He had real "cahones", this guy, and he tells an exemplary story of an author struggling to get published while still keeping the integrity of his work intact.

It's in the second half of the book that things really veer off into, well, surreality? Others have mentioned how he went from a man who respected and loved his wife to a man that screamed "NO MORE WORDS!" at her and abandoned her in the desert, and this part really stuck out to me as well, left a bad taste in my mouth. The fact that he just kept on going and going and going with the new age spirituality - repeating himself more often than not - made the entire last third of the book one big trudge to the finish line for me. He could and should have made this a memoir about getting himself published, maybe tacked on a bit of the spiritual stuff at the end, and left it at that, but I'm guessing that in his mind that would have been a lack of integrity on his part.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have not read Rain of Gold and actually may do so, because it appears that most people loved that story even if they didn't care for this one. But I simply can't suggest BEYOND Rain of Gold as a good read. (2/5 stars)

"'Men, poor fools, just aren't anchored to the realities of life like's easy for men to get lost in wanting and wanting and not being able to see what it is that they already have before their very eyes.'"

"'My God, we got to stick to our tortillas and not turn into white bread. I mean, corn tortillas are real. White bread, white rice, white sugar--all that clean white processed stuff doesn't even have any food value.'"

"'We can't live our lives by worrying about maybes before we even come to them!'"

"'I thought you'd left me,' she said.
"'I never left you,' I said. 'I would never leave you, honey. We just need to give each other room so we can, well, I guess, experience and learn.'"

"'...relax your ass, hombre, because wherever your ass goes, your brains follow! You've seen people like that!...Uptight ass, uptight brains!'" Pin It

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