Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 10: Love Love, Kiss Kiss, Blah Blah Blah

Day 10 ⇝ Discuss your first love and first kiss

It's a bit weird to me that these are combined into one entry.

I mean really, nowadays how often is someone's first kiss and first love the same person, right?

I really won't get into my first kiss. I want to say it was about a week before I turned 14. Of course I liked the kid that kissed me, at the time, but looking back...I'm embarrassed to even admit who it was. I wasn't expecting him to like REALLY kiss me, so it was kind of messy. And his breath smelled like Doritos, because he'd just been eating them. Ew. It took place on the deck at the house I grew up in. And that's that.

Winter Formal my junior year of high school, Jan '99
My first, that's a bit more complicated ;) I've been in love a total of three times. Sure, I've "loved" other men - in both the physical and mental sense - but love and in love are very different things and I think that three times in love is quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

I've written about my first love before. Here on my blog, I call him *E* and leave it at that ;) I'm lucky that we are actually good friends, and he'll always hold a place in my heart. But it took a lot to get to that point! I was about a month shy of 16 when we started dating; he was two months shy of 18. We got to know each other through the select vocal ensemble at our high school. (I know, how very "Glee" of us) Our first relationship lasted 6 months; a month in I knew it was something special and different, but I can't pinpoint exactly when I fell in love. He completely broke my heart. We were apart for about 8 months during the summer and fall of 1999 and even though I dated other people and tried to forget him, when he came back into my life as a friend and then eventually told me he wanted to be more than that (again), I didn't really think twice. This time we were together all of 4 months, and yes, he broke my heart a second time.

One of my first skiing trips ever, courtesy of *E*, Winter 1999
But it was completely worth it. *E* helped me on the path to come out of my shy little high school shell. He introduced me to new things (i.e. skiing). He certainly wasn't perfect and yeah, he hurt me. But he didn't cheat, he wasn't abusive...he was just young. We were just young. And after talking only off and on for about 5 years, we eventually became friends. That friendship has lasted and grown for I would say nearly 6 years now (well, five and a half, maybe) and he is one of few people I can pretty much say anything to because he knows the real, true me. I maybe don't tell him often enough how much I appreciate him, but I do. Both what he did for me in the past - the good and the bad, funny enough - and for who he is to me now :)

Another Winter Formal, my senior year of high school - January 2000

(And anyway, to be honest I think I'd only kissed two guys before I was with *E*? It may have been three, but I'm pretty sure it was only two. So there's that.)

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