Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 12: Bullet

Day 12 ⇝ Bullet your whole day

Umm...why would I do this? How freaking boring. Honestly, my life really isn't all that exciting. Except for maybe when I travel. So I'll give a very general rundown of a regular day for me. And since today is a weekday, I'll make it a rundown of a weekday. No weekend day is ever the same, anyway.
  • Wake up around 7 AM.
  • Don workout clothes and contacts and take the dogs for a walk/run.
  • Shower and dress for work.
  • Eat breakfast, give Rigby his pheno, put the dogs in their crates with their breakfast.
  • Go to work and be a drone for 8-9 hours.
  • Arrive home, let dogs out, make dinner.
  • Eat dinner/walk dogs (with Steve). Depending on what I'm making, sometimes the walking dogs comes while dinner is in the oven.
  • Practice guitar, read, and/or watch TV/movies for a couple hours.
  • Give Rigby his pheno, get ready for bed, and try to go to sleep by 11. Which rarely happens.
See, I told you it wouldn't be all that interesting.

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  1. that would be a bit time consuming, too. eek!

    thanks for entering my giveaway, best of luck! :)

  2. do your pups do well in their crates all day?

    at home, we crate our dog at night, but she kind of roams free during the day and cuddles up on all the couches and chairs, haha. what a queen bee.

  3. @Little Miss: thanks! and seriously, if I bulleted every single thing I did...would anyone even read it? haha

    @Lauren: yeah, they're great! I have to crate them because when I don't they chew up everything. If they can't find shoes or TV remotes they'll tear up carpet and furniture. They're monsters. But they actually go right to their crates as soon as I start getting their food ready in the mornings; sometimes my female dog Wendy will "hide" in her crate during thunderstorms, or if she doesn't finish her breakfast by the time I come home from work I'll randomly find her laying in her open crate and eating the rest of her food later that evening! I was very anti-crate for a long time...basically until I had no choice BUT to crate my dogs...and if they didn't chew stuff up I wouldn't do it, but again, they obviously don't mind it too much :)