Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 14: Earliest Memory

Day 14 ⇝ Your earliest memory

Hmm. This one is up for debate as I have a surprisingly good memory of my childhood, and my parents swear that some of these memories are earlier than the one I'm going to write about. But whatever, this is the clearest early memory that I have: my grandparents taking me to the Bronx Zoo.

I remember snapshots of that day. I remember a long car ride. I remember loving the panda bears. I wanted a stuffed one but my grandma wouldn't give in and buy me the expensive awesome soft stuffed panda they had. She got me the cheaper one. Travesty! haha

I remember that I didn't go to the bathroom all. day. No lie. I remember my grandmother constantly trying to drag me to the bathroom and not understanding why I never had to pee. I remember her telling me that I must have a "bladder the size of a basketball".

On the way out we had to walk through this area where tons of these tiny berry things had fallen from the trees, and my grandmother told me not to step in/on them but I did, because they were everywhere and I just couldn't help it! She got so mad at me because I was going to make a mess of their car :(

And this entry makes my grandmother sound horribly mean and I hate that because really, she's great :D I mean, after all, she and my grampy took me to the Bronx Zoo !!! It just so happens that these are the snapshots that I remember from that day.

The crazy thing is, I was no older than 4 when they took me on this trip. I may have been as young as 2. No one seems to remember exactly when it was, but I swear my grandparents picked me up at our house in Vernon Connecticut...and we moved out of that house when I was 2. Hmm.

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  1. Crazy! I think I must have blocked out large chunks of my childhood - I hardly remember a thing. Although I don't remember what I wore yesterday, so maybe this is not surprising! :)