Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 16: Mainstream Music

Day 16 ⇝ Your views on mainstream music each his own, I guess?

Honestly, I enjoy a Ke$ha song when I'm out on the town. I love me some GaGa. I've even jammed out to a Britney Spears song once in a while. But I don't consider them anything like "favorite" artists nor would I say that pop music is really "my thing". I prefer...punk, alternative, old school, electronica...Muse. Daft Punk. Weezer. The Beatles. Hendrix. The Doors.

(Of course, how mainstream were The Beatles back in the day, right?)

However, as much as I can totally dig some mainstream pop/hip hop, there's some mainstream stuff that I just can't stand. Fall Out Boy (Boi?). Nickelback. That sort of crap. And even though I try not to do so...yeah, I do end up judging people who love those bands and others like them. Oops.

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