Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 22: Two Years

Day 22 ⇝ How have you changed in the past 2 years

Hmm, again with the kind of "eh" question with this meme. Two years? That's such a random amount of time. And for someone in her late 20s, it's practically no time at all. I mean, I changed a lot between, say, 20 and 22. Even 21 and 23. Even more between 23 and 25. But between April 15, 2009 and April 15, 2011? Between 26 and 28? Not so much. In pictures:
Me on 4/5/2009. Note actual nose RING, much shorter hair and pink highlights.
Me on 4/9/2011. Much longer hair and no more pink. And the nose ring is a stud now. I'm maybe 5 pounds thinner? I don't know. Definitely not bigger, though.
Erm...outside of looks...I've moved back to South Carolina from Connecticut. Steve was my boyfriend two years ago at this time; now he's my husband. Work-wise, I'm still with the same company but in a different position.

As for any sort of personality traits or whatever...I think my personality was pretty much framed and hung by the time I was 25. Which means it hasn't changed in the past two years :)

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  1. I agree with everything you said- about 25 being the age when your personality when you're personality is really defined. You still go through growing pains and such but your core personality is pretty much written stone.