Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 26: Attraction...AND Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Day 26 ⇝ What kind of person attracts you

As y'all hopefully saw from my post about the famous men I'm attracted to, my taste in looks varies greatly. Though height definitely plays a factor in how attractive a person is to me ;) Hey, I'm 5'8", it kind of has to be! (Funny though that I've only ever dated two people who were over six feet tall. What's wrong with this picture?)

Anyway, to really truly attract me - for the long haul - I want someone who
  • is open-minded
  • willing to try new things
  • affectionate
  • intelligent
  • has a sense of humor
  • knows how to have a good time (without taking it too far)
  • loves animals (especially cats and dogs!)
  • and can do at least one thing I can't do. I.E. play an instrument really well, speak another language or fix a computer ;)
Now let's talk about my dogs' BLING!

My dogs do not have "bling". Rigby has a really awesome navy blue collar with the South Carolina symbol (a palmetto tree and crescent moon) embroidered into it, and Wendy's collar is old and dirty. She needs a new one but I haven't found one I like enough yet...her current collar is a dark green paisley that goes very well with her orange fur.

Now, when I walk them I use harnesses. It's better for them and better for me, especially considering they go running/walking with me twice a day!
Miss Wendy in her harness...and you can kind of see her pretty green collar too!
Anyway, when I think "bling" I think sparkly shiny things, hence why I say my dogs don't have it. What they do have are functional collars, harnesses and leashes ;)

Thanks again to C Mae for hosting Tail Wagging Tuesdays!

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  1. Love the pic. Her collar is nice, I hope you find a new one if you are looking for it.

  2. Roxie definitely doesn't have bling either. She HATES anything unnecessary on her. She has a collar, and sometimes a harness. Otherwise, she does have a U of M jersey and bandanna, both of which tend to come out on Halloween or on big game days, and usually last about 10 minutes on her before her evil eye is too much to bear and you take it off.

  3. Visiting from 20 something bloggers. I am with you on what is attractive. At 5'10" a tall man makes me look twice.