Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 28: Miss...AND Thirsty Thursday

Day 28 ⇝ Something that you miss

I miss a lot of things. I miss my husky Meeka (Ex got her in the divorce). I miss my friends (the ones who don't live in Greenville). Sometimes I even miss my management job at Disney. But lately, the most general thing that I miss (on a regular basis) is just being young. Seriously...the weight is getting more and more difficult to keep off. If I have a big night out (you know what I mean) it takes me two days to recover when I used to not even understand the meaning of the word "hangover". There was money coming in and far fewer bills back in the day, too.

Don't get me wrong though, sometimes 28 is really effing fun.

Anyway, today is also Thursday, which means

Last week I shared a beer with you, this week I've gotta give props to this bad boy:
If you don't like sweets, this isn't for you, but a couple cold glasses of Chocovine is the perfect dessert in my eyes! It's pretty inexpensive so no, they probably don't use the "finest" of red wines...but it tastes darn yummy!

Day 29 ⇝ Goals for the next 30 days
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  1. GOD, i hear you on this one. and we're not even "OLD" - I think it's just tough being in an in-between stage where you're not in college anymore and can't hang like you could at 22, but you're not that accomplished yet in the "real world." bah.

    also, they sell ChocoVine at the little wine/gourmet market here in Duck - I was intrigued when I saw it but didn't take the plunge. Maybe I should!

  2. Yummy!! I love wine and I love Chocolate. Delish

  3. @PhillyGirl - Yeah, it's pretty chocolatey but you can also taste the alcohol in it. I think it's really good but I can't drink more than two glasses because of how rich it is.

  4. Huh, I never would have thought that chocolate and wine could mix. That's an interesting idea.

    Simply Kate

  5. I really can't do sweet/creamy mixed with alcohol. I'm terrible with dessert wines, most ciders, hate baileys, white russians, etc. I've heard good things about Chocovine though!

    Ever had chocolate stout (various breweries make it)? Many are awesome!

  6. @Kate - I don't know exactly how they do/did it but it's awesome :)

    @Stacy - I can't drink dessert wines but for some reason Bailey's, espresso martinis, this Chocovine stuff...are okay with me. In moderation, of course. I've had chocolate stout in the past and didn't like it, BUT my beer tastes have since changed a lot and I think I need to try it again. Thomas Creek (local brewery) makes a banana split stout that I absolutely LOVE.