Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 30: Highs & Lows

Day 30 ⇝ Your highs and lows of this month

Again with the highs and lows?
I'll keep the "lows" short and sweet...basically it just sucked that I was sick for about a week and a half, including the entire time I was in Nashville. Damn allergies. And yesterday was rough as a whole, a big part of that being that it was 2 years since a friend of mine passed away unexpectedly and for whatever reason, I couldn't get it out of my head. I (obviously) ended up coming home early from Chicago, for a variety of reasons including that one.

As for the highs...seeing my friend Kelly in Traverse City, Michigan...

And even though I was sick, taking Steve to Nashville (his first time there!) and spending a wonderful weekend with some good friends...

Of course, opening weekend for the Greenville Drive!

And last Saturday we took an awesome tour of Thomas Creek Brewery here in Greenville. We picked up some growlers on our way out and had a cookout here at home...burgers and grilled asparagus, yum! We played our guitars for a while and even went downtown, but that last bit was probably a bit unnecessary. The best part of that day was just doing something different (brewery tour), drinking some great beer, eating yummy food and then, as my cousin Katie says, "jamming out" :D
Yay growlers! I only wish we could have picked up some of their Banana Split Stout.
And thank the Lord I'm finally done with this meme! It will be quite some time before I bother with another one of these...they're just too restrictive. I have a bunch of recipes and I think even some outfits to post (eventually) so hopefully I can keep y'alls interest with just my everyday musings.

On that note, have a wonderful Easter! And keep in mind that the person we celebrate today is Jesus Christ, a man of compassion and equality and love.
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  1. I love when we get growlers. No need this weekend though, as my mom brought us like 8 Chocolate Stouts from Detroit Brewing Company!