Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Tail Wagging Tuesday :)

I've decided to join "Tail Wagging Tuesday", because anyone who knows me knows that I love love love my pups Wendy & Rigby!

Of course, today's topic is "Your Pet's Favorite Toy" and, well...my dogs aren't big on toys.

Don't get me wrong, Miss Wendy loves to pull the innards out of a stuffed dog toy, but that makes such a mess that we only give her those as treats once in a while. And Rigby could really care less about toys...he just wants to have his belly rubbed.

However (and at the risk of sounding dirty, so don't take this the wrong way!) I think I can safely say that my dogs' favorite toys are each other ;) They play con.stant.ly. In fact, I think Wendy is the only dog patient enough to put up with Rigby being in her face practically 24/7. This is the great thing about having two dogs...it can be a bit much at times, but more often than not they keep each other occupied and happy :)
Playful snow pups!
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  1. so cute! and I love the names! :)

  2. they are sooo cute, glad you joined in this week! :)

  3. They are so cute! I love that they like playing with each other :)


  4. What better than toys than each other! :) I wasn't thrilled about having a baby brother but my mom said It wouldn't be as fun to be an only child! I think dogs have that mentality too :) Thanks so much for playing! -C Mae

  5. So cute...two dogs are so much better (and easier!) than one!