Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little Peter (or Petra?) Cottontail

Well, I'm skipping Tail Wagging Tuesday today because we're supposed to post a video of our pets...I don't have one, and I doubt I'll have time to get one today. So moving on...I have an animal-related story for ya anyway!

Lately, we've been having a bit of an issue. One of our cats (Ducky) keeps bringing us presents.
Cute, right?

Us being animal lovers, we really don't want our cats to torture, maim, or kill cute little animals. I realize we can't stop this from ever happening again, but we do our best. Just last week I saved a chipmunk from Marmalade.

The first time Ducky brought us a bunny, we simply brought him inside and let it run away. The second time Ducky brought us a bunny, we brought him inside and Steve put bunny in a box and carried out to the woods behind our house and let it go (in fact, the bunny pictured above is said second bunny). The third time Ducky brought us a bunny--last night--we knew we had to do something. Because this time the bunny was injured. The thing is...it was an old injury. Could it have been caused by Ducky or one of our other cats in the past? Sure. But of course Steve wants to believe otherwise. Steve wants Ducky to be friends with the bunnies, though deep down he must know that Ducky really just wants to play with their insides.

Anyway. We captured the bunny in a cooler (whatever, it's the closest thing we had handy) and I set about calling local wildlife rescues. I called two of them and left messages, and also listened to their instructions on how to deal with the bunny while we had it (handle it as little as possible, put it in a cardboard box in a warm, quiet, dark place, do not give it any sort of food or water). Then we waited. And then it was after 9 PM and all I could think was...I don't want this rabbit to die in this box in our house. So we contacted a couple people we know who have dealt with wildlife rescue in the past, and thankfully the lady I contacted also has a Twitter page - and on her Twitter page, she has the link for a third wildlife rescue in our area. One that didn't come up in my Google searches.

A phone call later and I was able to reach a live body, who put me in touch with the closest rescuer to us. Within an hour of my contacting this third rescue, bunny was on its way to getting proper care with an official Wildlife Rescue/Rehab group. I have the phone number of the woman who took the bunny, so I'll definitely be contacting her to check up on it! And at least if Ducky brings another one home, we now know who to call. Phew.

P.S. We don't live in the country. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Pin It


  1. Our cats used to bring rabbits and birds and all sorts of other animals into the house. Glad you saved the bunny!

  2. My sister is dealing with the same thing! She lives in the desert in California and her cat is a pro at catching all sorts of (dead) things and bringing them inside... much to my 7 year old niece's horror! Glad you were able to get this bunny rescued!

  3. Sounds like frustrating situation, but he is such a cute lil thing :) I'm glad you were able to save him!