Monday, May 23, 2011

Post Reunion Confessions

I really have nothing else to post today, so I thought I'd give a confessions post the old college try ;)

I confess...that every time I go back to Orlando for a visit, I return home wondering why I ever left. But that feeling always goes away within a week or two (thank God).

I confess...that my friend Becky and I had far too much fun toting around our gnome, Churro, this weekend.

I confess...that I am a shameless flirt. 'Nough said.

I confess...that I really wish I had the money and cahones to ditch a family Thanksgiving and go to this awesome kid's wedding in the Dominican Republic over said holiday.
(Also, I met his fiancee this weekend, and while she probably thinks I'm a drunken ass, she is awesome.)
I confess...that for the first time since October 2008 (when it was too cold and I was wearing nylons), I didn't climb in the fountain in France while drinking around the world. Sad face :(

I confess...that as much as I wanted to avoid it, I had to make a pee pee stop in the Japan women's bathroom at EPCOT. If you've ever used this know what I'm talking about.

I confess...that we had to pick a safety word to use when any of us was being wildly inappropriate on Saturday. And that word was "Hotbox". Yeah.

I confess...that I don't have diabetes. But Disney thinks I do.

And finally, I confess...that I am far too old for this shit. I haven't been in this much pain in I can't remember how long.

But it was so, so, so worth it ;) Pin It


  1. haha! glad you had so much fun!

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself for not hopping into the fountain. That's just not right.


  3. Why does Disney think you have diabetes?!

  4. @Annie - thanks!

    @Marty - Trust me, I am. I am.

    @April - Err because I told them I did so that I wouldn't have to pay to rent a fridge ;)

  5. I was wondering what that was you were sitting on. :)