Monday, May 2, 2011

Monthly 101 Update: April

After debating the best possible way to do my 101 updates, I've decided that toward the beginning of every month I'll post an entry about my progress. Weekly would definitely be too much ;) Of course, I'll probably randomly update when I finish/accomplish certain goals...but some of my goals are worthy of that and some kind of, well, aren't.

Currently I'm making some [albeit in some cases slow] progress on the following goals:
-Organize a charity event
-Read at least 50 books that I've never read before (2/50)
-Rate the rest of my music in iTunes
-Try 10 new beers (2/10 - Shock Top Raspberry Wheat & Bell's Oberon)
-Try 5 new restaurants in the Greenville area (1/5)
-Attend 10 Greenville Drive games (1/10)
-Make Christy's old living room AWESOME :)
-Make 25 new recipes (2/25)
-Finish the Greenvillescape site

First, I have to say that there are a few others currently "in progress" but they were kind of things I was already working on and added to this list so that I would be convinced to actually do/finish them ;)

That said, I'm definitely excited to have already accomplished three of my goals!

Go to an opening or preview of a new bar or restaurant  - I did this on Friday, 4/29/2011. Unfortunately, I don't really have much to say about it as I'm not really sure the bar was really our kind of place, but it was opening night and I went so there ya go :)

Go at least 24 hours without sending a text (went from 8:16 PM on 4/28 to 9:02 PM on 4/29!) This was more difficult than I thought it would be...I tried doing this earlier in the week and totally forgot I was even trying and sent a text a good few hours before my 24 hours was up. Oops. So I attempted it again Thursday night/Friday. This time it wasn't an issue until about 7:50 PM on close to the 24 hour mark and we were supposed to be meeting some friends out for dinner and we were running SUPER late. I called to let them know of this, when I normally would have texted. Then we got downtown and couldn't for the life of us find parking! At this point I just sucked it up and didn't contact them and we were late and I felt super rude. Seriously...what did we do before texting/cell phones???

And finally, Forgive someone who doesn't deserve it - I'm not going to wax on about this, because I feel that doing so would lead to me vilifying the person I forgave on this blog, and that doesn't exactly show forgiveness ;) That said, forgiveness of someone who doesn't deserve it doesn't mean that person will be allowed back into my life...there's a big difference between accepting an apology and even forgiving that person for acting like an asshat, and trusting/being friends with him again. Just sayin'. Pin It


  1. Congrats on finishing 3 of your goals!

  2. Congrats~ You will have to share your recipes!! :-)

  3. wow - i couldn't do the forgiveness thing, i think. you're a wonderful lady for making the effort!