Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Do YOU know what DATW stands for?

Hmpf. My Thirsty Thursday post from last week was lost in the Great Blogger Outage of 2011, so I thought about reposting it...but I decided to save it for another time, because right now we need to discuss something far more important. That being

 DATW, or: Drinking Around the World.
At EPCOT, that is. In Walt Disney World.

I won't go into details on this blog, because I've already made my thoughts on DATW clear over on my travel blog (hey yup, that's a plug...haha). But just picture it: the magic of Disney World. The tastiness of some awesome drinks. And a group of friends to enjoy it with.
My first DATW experience back in March 2004. Ignore the AWFUL haircut and color. That's what I get for visiting a salon in a town called Farmville.
DATW version 12.0, August 2010
Have you ever drank Around the World at EPCOT? If you think you'd want to?  Pin It


  1. As long as it has some tequila in it, i totally would

  2. @PorkStar - There is an entire pavilion at EPCOT dedicated to Mexico, with the best frozen margarita I've ever tasted and an awesome tequila bar ;)

  3. I have been desperate to drink around the world at epcot since my fiancee and I turned 21 last year!! We have been saving up for a while now! Disney is not a cheap venture even when you're local!!

  4. @Kate - It's so much fun. Drinking around the World does cost about $90 just for drinks! Not cheap, especially when you have to buy a park ticket on top of that. Have you looked at Florida resident rates for park tickets? I'm not sure exactly how big the discount is but in the past it used to be pretty decent.