Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Tuesday Two-Fer

Per C-Mae, today's topic for Tail Wagging Tuesday is...TREATS!

The problem is, I don't have any personalized pictures. My dog treats are kept in a super cute cookie jar on our kitchen counter (don't worry, the handle is shaped like a dog bone so you can tell it's not a people cookie jar) and my pups, while spoiled in so many other ways, get plain ol'
However, pretty much any time I am making a dinner that involves plain boiled chicken (and many of the casseroles I make do), my pups also get a couple small pieces of that. And I'm sure they prefer the boiled chicken to the Milk Bones ;)

Now, I could have made this a separate entry but I decided against doing so, simply because I have a rant but it's not a long one. Here's a fact for ya:

Steve and I *hate* beer pong.

But it's fun, you say! It's the life of the party, you say! It gets you drunk, you say!

First things first, our original reasons for hating it were: it's not fun. People get too competitive. It takes over a party - people are either playing beer pong, waiting to play beer pong, or watching others play beer pong. It's never-ending. It makes a mess. And I'm not wasting the type of beer that I drink in red plastic party cups or on guzzling a whole bunch of it at a time.

Plus, and I can't believe we didn't think of this before - it's dirty and disgusting! That's right, recently a study was done that found that ping pong balls used in indoor beer pong environments contained about 1,000 bacterial cells. Ones used in outdoor environments contained three million bacterial cells! And controlled tests showed that basically all of this bacteria could and would transfer into the beer you're drinking.

Even if you don't get sick from it all, that's still freaking disturbing and repulsive.

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  1. I hate beer pong too! In college I would try to ban it from my house, but my roommates would always overrule me. But I think it is so boring, and it definitely takes over the party. No fun!
    But we played with water in the cups to avoid the bacteria!

  2. My dogs love Milkbone too! Especially the flavored ones :)

  3. I'm OK with beer pong. I actually prefer flip cup if I'm going to play a drinking game, simply because it does the job faster. I get bored with beer pong. It is definitely germ-infested but I think most drinking games are haha...with flip cup, the rim of your cup is on the wet, dirty table over and over and over...with quarters, they go all over the place including the sticky bar floor (yes, I kept playing), etc.

    Beer pong or flip cup aren't generally staple activities at "old person" parties that I go to now (RIP Flip Cup, I miss you!) but when we played a few games of beer pong in the garage the other day, I enjoyed it!

    Gah I'm old.

  4. OH wow... I thought I was alone! It's so nice to know there are people out there that roll their eyes at beer pong the way I do.

  5. Ewww, beer pong is so boring anyway.

    My doggie friend LOVES his milkbones.