Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: Big Sex Little Death by Susie Bright

I wanted to like this one, really I did.

My knowledge of the feminist movement is far more existent that my knowledge of Susie Bright, but I received this memoir with high hopes. I assumed that she would have one heck of an interesting story to tell - and whereas I don't think that assumption was wrong, per se, the fact of the matter is that Ms. Bright is far too evasive in this memoir and that really harms its quality.

As other reviewers have mentioned, Ms. Bright glosses over some tales that must have been extremely interesting. What really happened when she was expelled from the IS? Where are the details about her relationship with Honey Lee? Etc., etc. Beyond that, there just isn't much organization to this memoir - although it is split up into three separate sections about her childhood, her formative/teenage years, and her time in San Francisco, she seems to jump back and forth without warning. To be honest, about halfway through the book I simply started wishing it would all be over soon. I've rated it two stars rather than one because at times Ms. Bright's writing style was exemplary and she was quite open about her relationship with her parents and her daughter, but those are just a couple shining points in otherwise far below average memoir. 2/5 stars

"If more of us knew the story of our tribe--and carried it from one generation to the next--it seems like the interest would pay off."

"...there were bigots and bullies everywhere, and you coped with them by giving them a piece of your mind and then turning your back on them forever."

"...when your arousal level exceeds your timidity, you don't need an instruction manual."

"...the real reason I couldn't imagine having a baby was that I was afraid of my temper, afraid of doing those things for which you can't ever fully apologize."

"I can't see the truth when I'm losing my marbles--but give minutes after the explosion, I can. You imagine you're going to feel so great when you unload on someone--and instead you despise yourself." Pin It

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