Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Confessions

So. I think I want to make Monday Confessions into a bloghop! Would anyone be interested in participating? There wouldn't be any super specific rules per my rant about bloghops that require you to visit random blogs just to gain "followers" who leave vapid comments ;) All you'd have to do is post your confessions along with whatever button I come up with, then link up here. I think it would be a fun, laid-back bloghop/meme and maybe people could gather more followers. If that's what you're in it for.

I figured I'd throw this out there because I've seen a bunch of people doing random confessions posts lately...and what better day to confess than Monday, the start of the work week, after you've possibly likely (if you're anything like me) just finished with a weekend of debauchery? ;)

That said though...I know how to make a button but if someone with more experience would like to donate their services that would be lovely. Also, if someone could tell me how to make that little code box with the button code come up underneath a button...I'd heart you forever and ever amen. Promise.

Anyway, onto my confessions!

I confess...that I like that I've reached an age where I can go out and enjoy some tasty brews without the "need" to get drunk. I've been in this phase for a couple of years now and it's just great.

I confess...that I bought these high-waisted shorts from Forever 21 months ago and have been super scared to wear them. And I still can't decide if they looked good...because I am not super skinny, and also I have very long legs and a ridiculously short torso. Humph.
White button-down shirt: Express
High-waisted Navy [style] shorts: Forever 21
Tan & Gold wedges: Baker's Shoes
I was also wearing navy and gold anchor earrings from Forever 21 :)
I confess...that I haven't picked up my guitar in over a month and a half. I keep meaning to, and getting distracted. Bad Tara.
I confess...that I am way to excited for my Vegas trip in September. "Too" excited because it's still two and a half months away, and also I have a far bigger vacation coming up before that! Sigh.

I confess...that I have an album on Facebook called "My Life as a Rockstar" and it is filled with pictures of baked goods, my niece's dance recital, and baby showers. Oops?
Come on though...this is a pretty "rockstar" cake, right?
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  1. I'd participate in this kind of bloghop. I confess that I'm very jealous of your high waisted shorts and your long legs! =)

    -Miss GOP

  2. I might play with the bloghop and that is an awesome cake!

  3. I love bloghops! And I love that cake! And I am back to blogging and glad to be back to reading your blog! hehe.

  4. I'd love to do your confessions bloghop!

  5. I confess I am tired of hearing about Windy in this house.

    I confess that I haven't cooked much for my blog and I really hate it.

    I confess that I sometimes hate how much John relies on me.

    I confess that I wish Mike would get a job out of Richmond so that he has to move.

    I confess that I am worried about having money for the fall semester,

    I confess that I need a vacation where I can get away so that John has to do shit for himself.