Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Monthly 101 Update: May

I somehow accomplished a whole hell of a lot last month. I say "somehow" because with everything going on in my life, I'm still not 100% sure how I did it all! But I made progress on more of my goals (outside of the ones I already had in progress at the beginning of May, I mean):

-Drink Around the World at least 3 more times for 15 total :) (1/3 as of 5/21/2011)
-Return to 3 places I've loved (2/3: Orlando, Vegas)
-Go to 5 concerts (1/5)
-Put away $5 for each completed task (do this at the beginning of each month - $15 so far)

That may not seem like much, except for the fact that I beat last month's three finished goals by accomplishing SIX MORE in May!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo(5/5/2011) I really didn't think I'd get to do that this year, seeing as it took place on a Thursday and I obviously had to work that day and the next day. But I sent this Cinco de Mayo out in style! 

Attend a major league baseball game again (San Francisco Giants vs. Florida Marlins, 5/26/2011) This was another one that was up in the air until about a week before it actually happened. You see, I enjoy baseball, and as much as I love the Red Sox I also love seeing different stadiums around the country. I hadn't been to an MLB game in over a year but the Giants have a gorgeous they won the World Series last year! So once Steve agreed we could go to a game while in San Fran last week, it was a no-brainer!
Giants vs. Marlins at AT&T Park, 5/26/2011
Bake something from scratch again  I'm pretty sure the macaroons I baked on 5/7/2011 count for this one. I baked a pecan pie that day too, but I used store-bought crust because I'm lazy. The macaroons were messy, but not too hard...and delicious! I got the recipe from Stacy at Every Little Thing but had to use plain milk chocolate eggs rather than the ones with the pretty candy shells, so people kept asking why there were olives on the cookies. Thanks a lot, guys.

Stay up all night (at least until sunrise)/Stay up for 24 hours straight (accomplished on 5/29/2011). Another goal that I really didn't expect to accomplish so soon, but I got up at 9 AM on Saturday 5/28 and didn't end up falling asleep until...oh I don't know, 3 PM (at least) on Sunday 5/29. Don't ask how I did it; you don't want to know (though I will say that there were no illegal drugs involved; that's not my style). I know this isn't really "proof" but here is a picture of me just as I was beginning to crash, having one final beer at the Vegas airport and wearing my awesome panda hat from San Fran. I changed out of my cute dress from the night before but I'm still wearing all my makeup. Classy.

Play a hand of Blackjack at a casino (again) (played several hands at Binion's in Las Vegas on 5/28/2011). Steve and I played with $50 each (so $100 total). He lost all but...$5 or $10. I was better at keeping track of my "winnings" and in the end we had $95 total, so that means I won something like $35 or $40. And even though we "lost" $5, we did get two gin and tonics and a bottled water out of the deal. I'm happy.
I'm not sure why this picture was blurry; it appears that the flash was on?
Inspire someone else to do 101 in 1001 As of 5/13 I'd already had two people tell me that I inspired them to make a 101 in 1001 list! I think that counts for crossing this one off. Pin It


  1. WOW! You've had some amazing times. And you're such a talented baker. I really want to stay up all night at some point...hope I can handle it. Haha. Excited for more of your things!

  2. Congrats on your progress!

  3. They were SO messy! haha, look good though! It was Easter weekend so it was easy to find the pretty shell eggs when I went grocery shopping.

    Congrats on all the crossing-off! :)

  4. @Saumya - I am actually not that good at baking! These were just super easy. I'm a much better cook than a baker :)

    @River - Thank you!

    @Stacy - I actually went to the grocery store like a day or two after Easter (it was the day or the day after you posted your recipe, anyway) looking for those pretty eggs and couldn't find them! So sad. BUT the plain ones were actually kind of nice because when I put them on the hot cookies they got all soft (while still retaining their shape) and were nice and chewy.