Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reading Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban

Ahh, Prisoner. Once my least favorite HP book, but every time I read it again it gains a few points. I would at least put it in front of Chamber now. I think.

Reading this reminds me of how frustrated I was with the movie. They veered so much from the book with Prisoner; it was highly disappointing at best. And reading it again emphasizes the general things that were different or left out or forgotten. I.E. in the end of this book Fred and George already know how many OWLS they are getting/have gotten...but then Harry and Ron and Hermione don't get their OWLS until just before they start their sixth year. During the summer break. And whatever happened to Crookshanks? Rowling built him up so much in Prisoner, but then pushed him to the wayside and eventually just...left him out altogether. On a different note, I'm still annoyed that they completely left Peeves out of the movies entirely.

Anyway. This is about the books right now, not the movies. Right? Right. And as it were, Prisoner (the book) is good at what it was meant to be good at--revealing more back story and leaving you hanging, wishing for more, more Harry Potter!

And so I moved on to what I've always called my favorite Harry Potter book. I hadn't read Goblet in over two years and couldn't wait to see if it would stand the test of time :)

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