Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thirsty Thursday, Featuring a Local Brewery!

Apparently Blogger has restored my missing post from a couple of weeks rather than post it out into oblivion with the date as May 17th, I'm reposting it today :) It's not like anyone had time to see or comment on it anyway. Way to go blogger, for that, but least this means I'm not struggling to come up with a Thirsty Thursday topic this week ;)

For last week's [okay, like three weeks ago now] Thirsty Thursday, I wrote about mint juleps...because of the Kentucky Derby, of course. But one can only drink so many mint juleps, so while I baked my little heart out Saturday morning [May 7th] I sent Steve to one of our local breweries (Thomas Creek) for beer :)

We have two true local breweries, Thomas Creek in Greenville and RJ Rockers in Spartanburg. I actually prefer the types of beer that RJ Rockers brews over Thomas Creek beers, but I do love me some Thomas Creek River Falls Red Ale, Stillwater Vanilla Cream Ale, and Banana Split Stout.

Unfortunately, the Banana Split Stout is not always imagine my excitement when Steve returned home with a growler of it! (as well as a second growler of my other favorite, the Vanilla Ale)

The thing is, I stumbled upon Thomas Creek completely by chance way back in 2007, when I found a six pack of their beer at our local Total Wine & More here in Greenville. I found RJ Rockers through a beer lover's meetup group here in Greenville. But a simple Google search may render you some great local breweries to check out! So put away that Miller Lite (or Bud Light, or Coors Light, or whatever crappy beer you may be drinking), get out and discover some local craft brews :) After all, you'll also be supporting local businesses by doing so. And it's better for you. (okay, I have no proof for that last bit, but one can hope) Pin It


  1. Banana Split Stout sounds really good!

    I'm so lucky here in St. Louis. We have Schlafly, a larger craft brewery that makes incredible beer, and something like 8-10 smaller craft breweries. It's insane how many keep opening! And they're all really good.