Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: More Beer. Deal with it.

So I told myself I wasn't really going to participate in a bunch of blog hops/memes. Why, you ask? Well, because some of them got boring really fast. And then yesterday when I went to join in on Semi Wordless Wednesday, there was a big PSA about how participants are basically "required" to visit and comment on three other blogs in the hop. I disagree with this. I don't participate in blog hops/memes to gain a bunch of "followers" who never read or comment on my shit. I participate because they give me something regular to write about (though I prefer the ones that don't fence me in, obviously) and I participate because sometimes another blog name on the list will catch my eye and I'll find a great new person to follow. But I'm not going to just click on "the three blogs directly above mine" or three random blogs on a blog hop/meme list just to not read their entries and leave vapid "I came over here from such-and-such blog hop, visit me at blah blah blah blog hearts hearts hearts!!!" comments.

I don't like when other people do that, and I'm not going to do it. And to be honest, I don't always have the time to do it, because I'm too busy actually cultivating relationships with bloggers I'm truly interested in.

But I do like Thirsty Thursdays, dammit, because I like to drink. So I will now step down off my soapbox and talk to you about a beer that I avoided for a long time but now love, that being

Now, to be fair I'm still not a huge fan of their "Boston Lager". It's okay, but not my first choice. Of beer in general or lager, specifically. That said, recently I have tried so many other kinds of Sam Adams - and liked them all so much - that I think I must officially declare myself a Sam Adams beer fan.

It all started with this six pack of heaven:
I have since tried the Coastal Wheat and the Blackberry Witbier, neither of which is as amazingly awesome as the Cherry Wheat, but they're both great in their own right :) And then last night I enjoyed one of these babies:
...and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Now, it's not as absolutely awesome as the Thomas Creek Banana Split Stout I mentioned last week, but for a more mass-marketed beer...I really have nothing bad to say. Of course, I've only recently become a stout fan (my tastes are changing, to say the least - I was a Miller Lite poster child for a good 4 years) and probably don't have the best idea of what a stout should be/taste like. But for a stout newbie, Sam Adams Cream Stout is a great option!

And of course if you can't already tell - I highly suggest the Cherry Wheat for any and all wheat beer fans out there. You'll never look at a Blue Moon the same way again ;) Pin It


  1. Mmm.. beer. One of my favorite things in the world. I'm going to have to find a six pack of the Cheery Wheat because that just sounds down right awesome. I've recently started drinking Shock Top more instead of Blue Moon.

  2. Your thumbnail at FLTOB made me laugh. Who doesn't like beer? You're right about the hops. They get old quick...I like your use of the word 'vapid' to describe the comments I delete.

  3. cheers to your soapbox rant! that is all. I mean, "hearts hearts." :)